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Plantar Warts


Plantar warts are caused by the human papilloma virus which is transmitted through contact. If someone has a plantar wart on their foot and is walking around a public place barefoot they are leaving the virus behind. If you walk over the same area and have small cracks in your skin you are susceptible to picking up the virus. You can then contaminate your shower and pass this to your family members.


Diagnosis is made by the appearance of the lesion which on the bottom of the foot is a flat, grainy, circular, slightly raised above the skin lesion with black dots and painful to the squeeze more so than direct pressure. Non-weight bearing surfaces such as the hands will normally show a raised smooth appearance for the wart since there is no deforming pressures present.


At Mofas we offer the latest technology in the treatment of warts with the use of the swift microwave therapy. No anesthesia and minimal to no discomfort with the treatment lasting a split second. Usually only 1 treatment is required to unmask the wart virus and resolve the warts for good. Great for children of all ages and adults especially if you have warts resistant to other treatments.
Typical treatments usually begin with scraping the plantar wart to pinpoint bleeding since the warts are fed by small arteries. Next prescription creams are dispensed to be used daily to help dissolve the wart tissue so on subsequent visits the plantar wart can be safely removed. Other options include freezing the wart, which at Mofas we only recommend on non weight bearing surfaces since these lesions are solely above the skin. Curretage with hyfercation, which is removing the plantar wart in its entirety and then cauterizing or burning the blood vessels that are feeding the wart to keep it from returning and is done under a local anesthetic to numb the area.
Swift technology is the most effective modality for the resolution of warts.