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Innovative Fat Pad Replacement Therapy: A Game Changer for Painful Calluses

In a recent discussion, Dr. Staschiak introduced an innovative treatment for painful calluses—Leneva, a fat pad replacement therapy. This therapy offers a promising alternative to constant scraping, padding, and the ultimatum of living with pain or undergoing surgery.

Dr. Staschiak explained, “With one injection of Leneva beneath each of the calluses, we are able to restore the fat pad that has been worn away.” The primary cause of these calluses is a bony abnormality that typically develops and progresses over 20 to 30 years, gradually eroding the protective fat pad. As this fat padding wears away, painful calluses form as a result.

The Leneva treatment involves injecting a specialized substance directly beneath the calluses, effectively replacing the lost fat pad and cushioning the affected area. According to Dr. Staschiak, patients can anticipate relief within a short period. “I tell my patients after I inject them, you’re probably gonna start to feel better in about two weeks,” stated Dr. Staschiak.

Patients have reported significant improvements following the procedure. During follow-up visits six weeks post-injection, Dr. Staschiak noted that “inevitably, their calluses are gone, their pain is gone, and they’re happy.” This impressive success rate highlights the effectiveness of Leneva in addressing the root cause of calluses, offering a non-surgical solution that restores comfort and mobility.

For more information on Leneva and fat pad replacement therapy, visit Mid-Ohio Foot and Ankle.

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