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Non-surgical treatment for heel pain

Recently, I was honored to be featured on Good Day Marketplace on Fox28 to discuss a non-surgical resolution to heel pain. During the interview, I was asked about the most common causes of heel pain and what treatment options are available for those suffering from it.

I shared that a lot of repetitive activities such as standing on hard surfaces with inadequate shoe gear or improper arch support can cause trauma to the bottom of the foot over time, resulting in heel pain. For 80 percent of people, conservative therapy such as stretching and icing, physical therapy, night splint inserts for your shoes, or steroid therapy is able to resolve their issues in a short period of time. Other than surgery, for 20 percent of patients who do not improve with these treatments, their only choice is either to live with it or have an EPF endoscopic plantar fasciotomy which is a surgery that keeps them down for three months. However, I provide high-intensity ultrasonic therapy which is an in-office procedure that gives one-time treatment and puts them back in their shoes the same day without any downtime or recovery process. People usually report being 70-90% better within one week without surgery thanks to this revolutionary procedure.

The high-intensity shock wave treatment I provide has been used for over 40 years to break up kidneys and gallstones without surgery. By applying this same principle, I am able to break up calcification of the plantar fascia or Achilles tendon caused by inadequate blood flow, restoring flexibility in one treatment.

Patients report remarkable results with a mid-to-high 90% success rate within just one to five weeks. They have seen a complete transformation in their lives and are amazed at how fast they can return to activities such as pickleball, where they have stopped doing exercises due to their heel pain.

Typical patients that undergo this procedure are those suffering from plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis, who have not seen positive results through more conservative treatments such as stretching and icing. Some may also opt for this procedure instead of having surgery which requires 3 months of recovery time.

Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis can be painful and disruptive to everyday life for those suffering from them. While conservative treatments such as stretching, icing, or heel inserts may help relieve some of the pain, there comes a point when surgery might seem like the only option.

High-intensity shock wave treatment is an alternative to surgery that has been around for 40 years. By applying ultrasonic waves, this procedure is able to break up calcification caused by inadequate blood flow and restore flexibility in one treatment. Patients report a mid-to-high 90% success rate within just one or five weeks and are able to resume activities such as pickleball right away.

Though rare, there may be cases where one treatment may not be enough. In these instances, a second procedure can often get patients back to 100%.

If you’re considering surgery due to plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, consider consulting with Dr. Staschiak at Mid-Ohio Foot & Ankle first! Visit midohiofootandankle.com or call 740-879-3939 for more information.

Watch the full interview here: Good Day Marketplace – Find Relief from heel pain with Mid-Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialist.

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