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Exosome therapy is an effective solution to chronic debilitating plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, sprained ligaments or tendons and for the treatment of arthritis and peripheral neuropathy in your foot and ankle.

Exosomes also help to repair tendon or muscle injuries by healing and strengthening the tissues by up to 40% thereby negating the need for long term medication use or surgery.

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles generated by all cells that carry nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), proteins, lipids and metabolites which create pathways for intercellular communication. These messenger cells release growth factors and other beneficial processes needed to rejuvenate the tissues.

Exosomes can also cross the blood brain barrier, unlike stem cells, making these the ideal treatment for neurodegenerative diseases or conditions such as Parkinsons or Alzheimers disease.

Exosome therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that helps rejuvenate older stem cells with new, younger stem cells.

Stem cells have the potential to repair, restore, replace and regenerate cells in the body.

After getting Exosome therapy, the exosomes communicate new, healing messages to your cells which in turn tell your body to heal itself through its own regenerative process

How long does it take for Exosome therapy to work?

For most people results can be seen in as little as 2-3 weeks and will only continue to improve over the next 6-9 months while the exosomes are active in eliciting the healing potential from the rejuvenated stem cells.

How often will I need Exosome therapy?

Most people will achieve their desired results with only one session of exosome therapy.

Are Exosomes better than stem cells?

Compared to adult stem cells, exosomes contain as much as three times the amount of growth factors making exosome therapy better able to restore and revitalize targeted cells.

Are Exosomes better than PRP?

Exosomes are 100x more powerful than PRP thereby requiring only one (1) injection which can last up to 5 years if not longer.

How many exosomes is beneficial to the body in order to repair tissues?

Most injections contain 1-15 billion exosomes per milliliter and depending on the area involved may require 150 billion exosomes to rejuvenate the damaged tissues.

Most importantly exosome therapy has shown much success when it comes to the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Studies have shown when using exosome therapy that patients with diabetic or idiopathic (no known reason) neuropathy can reduce the hypersensitivity of the nerves thereby decreasing the sensations that effect the leg, foot and toes on a daily basis. Using only 1 injection of exosome therapy in the effected limb can greatly reduce your nerve pain within days to weeks and have long lasting effects. If you have neuropathy in both feet you will require 1 injection into each leg to treat the symptoms.

Exosomes are extremely small particles released from cells in the body that are responsible for setting up pathways for communication between other cells and thereby relaying the message to the body for activity to begin.

One way of thinking about this is looking at a big city from the top floor of the tallest office building. Each building is a cell and when you look at the people and the vehicles down below they look like dots (exosomes), but those dots have intricate workings going on within them that you can’t see, such as the engine in the vehicle. And it’s these finite workings that enable communication to other cells around the city thereby relaying their messages.

So if a building (or cell) is in need of repair, those small exosomes (people and cars down below) relay that message to the proper controllers (rejuvenated stem cells) so that the action can begin to take place and the building will then be repaired or restored to its original form.

So if you suffer from chronic ankle pain, partially torn muscles or ligaments, sprains and strains that won’t heal and your only options are to either have surgery or live with the pain… Stop!

Our proven treatments of exosome injection therapy have shown time and again the reparative process and decrease in pain and swelling with one (1) treatment and has long lasting effects which can get you back to your previous activities without the need for surgery.

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