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Corn / Calluses


Corns and calluses are due to repetitive constant friction on weight bearing surfaces that decrease the fat pad between the skin and the bone. The bodies natural response is to lay down harder tissue to help protect the area that is being traumatized. Once enough of the fat pad is destroyed the area then forms a callus that rubs against the nerve and bone and becomes painful from lack of cushioining.


At Mofas we obtain x-rays to review the structure and alignment of the bones in the foot that are causing the friction in the shoes. Once the area of the Callous / Corn is associated with the underlying boney cause, treatment options can be given to remedy the recurrence of the painful Corns / Calluses.


Conservative treatment includes shaving the Corns / Callouses, padding, wider shoes, soft inserts and fat pad injections to rejuvenate the decreased cushioning in the foot.
Surgical intervention consists of correcting the underlying bone abnormality that is causing the skin lesions to form. Most patients are able to bear full weight immediately after surgery with a surgical shoe.