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Ankle Pain

CAUSES For Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is most commonly caused from trauma such as ankle sprains leading to ligament disruption. However there are many reasons for ankle pain that have been discussed throughout our web site. Including flatfeetbunions, fractures, altered walking pattern caused from hip and knee problems.


Diagnosis is made using x-rays to see if there is any fracture or mis-alignment of the ankle and heel bone. Diagnostic ultrasound is also used to identify the ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint that can be partially or totally torn from trauma. Palpation of the area to check for soreness and swelling along with range of motion of the joint is also performed.

How To Treat Ankle Pain

Conservative treatment consists of steroid injections to decrease the pain and inflammation, ankle brace to stabilize the joint, compression sock to control the swelling and anti-inflammatories. Mofas also recommends amniotic injections and laser therapy in conjunction with the above therapies to heal the ligament sprains.
If the pain and swelling persists even with all the above conservative treatments, we recommend getting an MRI to check for ligament tears and Osteochondral fractures. This would require surgical correction to alleviate the symptoms in most cases.

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