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Dr. Staschiak is one of the leading podiatrists in the nation performing high intensity shock wave therapy for the treatment of heel pain with a 92+% success rate. His continued drive to improve and perfect procedures has lead to his patients having a short recovery time with minimal disruption in work and activities. Also, being a former residency instructor he believes in the need to thoroughly inform the patient of their condition in an understandable format so that the patient is aware of how they have progressed to the point of needing medical intervention.

A lot of people ask “why did you choose podiatry?” my answer is simple when I was a kid I always pointed out the people that had a limp and asked my parents why nobody is helping them to walk better. They would pull me by the arm and say don’t look. I came home one day from school when I was 15 and told my parents I want to be a doctor. My mother said “thank you Jesus” and my father asked what kind of doctor? I said I want to help the people who have trouble walking. My parents said you pointed them out your entire life so this must be your calling. I never veered from achieving my goals and I worked 60 hours a week at a GM plant to put myself through college. I have helped thousands of people over the last 20 years and look forward to helping thousands more over the next 20 years.

special interests:

Dr. Staschiak enjoys playing tennis and golf when he is not practicing medicine or spending time with his family. He is also a published author and a patented inventor.